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Lamination / 6 x 4 0z deck / 6 oz bottom
A modern take on a mid century design by Bob Simmons, don’t let the bizarre look of this board fool you. Its got all the ingredients you want in a board, its fast, loose, drivey, paddles insane and because of its flat rocker and tail area it will catch just about anything you want to throw it into. Typically ridden from 5-8 inches smaller than you short board. I remember around 10 years ago when i first started seeing them i just couldn’t get my head around them, until one day i took one for a paddle and i was utterly blown away by the performance of such a traditional looking board. Im surprised more people don’t have them in their quiver. Board shown has quad fin set up, but glass on timber keels are also available and the more popular choice.

Nettleton Surfboards are built with the best quality materials ensuring that you not only get an amazing looking board, but one that will last.

All boards are custom made for our riders and the average turnaround time is 4 – 5 weeks.

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